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Civil Air Patrol in Delaware is more than just aviation. There are many different fields, non-aviation related, where we need talented members of the community to share their time and expertise. All of these positions are very important to the execution of our mission for America, and we are looking for dedicated members to fill them. You won't receive a paycheck, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others. If you are currently a member of CAP and you are interested in filling any of these open positions, please contact your Squadron Commander for more information. If you are not yet a CAP member and you would like to challenge yourself while serving your community and country as a member of CAP - the US Air Force Auxiliary - please visit a local squadron and consider joining.

Listed below are positions available at the Wing level. These positions are normally filled from within CAP through the local squadrons first, unless eminently qualified personnel join who can fill them immediately. Local squadrons also have positions to be filled, and they are seeking dedicated members to answer the call. Are you up to the challenge? Can you be a leader in your field? If you think you can fill any of these positions, we want to talk to you.

  • Wing Level Positions Available:
    • Aerospace Education
      • External Aerospace Education Officer
      • Internal Aerospace Education Officer
    • Cadet Programs
      • Cadet Activities Officer
      • Cadet Programs Development Officer
    • Command Section
      • Command NCO
      • NCO Advisor
    • Communications
      • Communications Engineering Officer
    • Emergency Services
      • Assistant Director of Emergency Services, Kent County
      • Disaster Relief Officer
      • Search and Rescue Officer
    • Finance
      • Assistant Director of Finance
    • Inspector General
      • Assistant Inspector General
    • Logistics
      • Assistant Director of Logistics
    • Marketing and Public Affairs
      • Director of Recruiting and Retention
      • Public Affairs Officer
    • Plans and Requirements
      • Plans and Programs Officer
    • Professional Development
      • Assistant Director of Professional Development

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