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I.              Staffing

A)        Wing-level Staff

                   Not all Wing- level Aerospace Staff positions are filled. A Director of Aerospace Education (DAE) is assigned, but the Internal Aerospace Education Officer and External Aerospace Education Officer positions are open.  The Director of Aerospace Education (DAE) has completed the AESPM (Yeager Exam) and has a Master Rating in the AE (215) specialty track.  The goal is find an Internal Aerospace Education Officer and an External Aerospace Education Officer by the end of the March, 2016 and to enroll them in the AE (215) specialty track within 30 days of them being assigned to their position. 

B)        Squadron-level Staff

                   All eight squadrons have an assigned Aerospace Education Officer (AEO), but three squadron AEOs are relatively new to the position.  All squadron AEOs are enrolled in the AE (215) specialty track and will be encouraged to advance one level by the end of the year.  The goal is to have a trained AEO at each squadron and for one new Master Rating, four new Senior Ratings, and three new Technician Ratings by the end of the year.   

C)        Orientation and Training

                   The goal is to hold one orientation and training class at the wing conference for all AEOs and interested members. This class will be designed to review and discuss CAPR 280-2, CAPP 15, CAPP 215, the Yeager Award, and the AEX program with the squadron AEOs.

D)        Selection and Appointment Plan

                   The selection and appointment of AEOs is left up to the Squadron Commander.  Several squadrons have members who are active in the aerospace community and they will be asked to help with the Aerospace Education Activity Day.  The goal is to have two members make a presentation at the Aerospace Education Activity Day. 

II.           Internal

A)        Aerospace Education Resources for Squadron Support (Wing Level)

                   A library of books and videos discussing Aerospace Education were maintained at wing headquarters.  However, the books and videos were relocated because of the uncertainty regarding wing headquarters.  The goal is to prepare and distribute a list of the available resources to the squadron AEOs by March.

B)        SLS and CLC

                   Delaware Wing conducts one SLS and one CLC annually. Each curriculum includes a minimum of 2 hours on Aerospace Education. The goal is for the DAE to liaise with the Course Directors and make appropriate arrangements so that Aerospace Education is discussed at the training events.

C)        Roster of Subordinate AEOs

                   The National website contains the information for all squadron AEOs.  The goal is for the DAE to update the roster of squadron AEOs by running reports from the National website at least once a quarter.

D)        Unit Visits

                   The DAE occasionally conducts squadron visits. The goal is for the DAE to visit each squadron at least once this year. During these meetings, AE-related issues will be discussed with the Squadron Commander and the AEO.

E)        Wing AE Aerospace Education Activity Day

                   With the exception of 2015, an annual wing Aerospace Education Activity Day has been conducted.  The goal is to organize and conduct an Aerospace Education Activity Day this year for all wing members to promote Aerospace Education.  To support the goal monthly planning meetings will be conducted with the squadron AEOs in January, February, and March.

F)         AEPSM Administration and Reporting

                   A total of 14 Yeager Awards were completed in 2015. As of December 2015 a total of 142 members (71.36%) of the Delaware Civil Air Patrol have completed the Yeager Award.  The DAE also conducted a Yeager class at the Dover Senior Squadron this year.  The goal is for 20 new Yeager Awards this year by encouraging all senior members to earn the Yeager Award.

G)        AE Scholarships

                   Scholarship opportunities will be coordinated with Cadet Programs. The goal is to identify and forward the information about scholarship opportunities involving aerospace education to the squadron AEOs at least once this year. 

H)        Written and Oral Reports

                   Aerospace Education updates are provided at the monthly Wing Commander’s Call.  In addition, an annual Aerospace Education Activity Report and Aerospace Education Plan of Action were prepared per regulations.  The goal is to provide Aerospace Education updates at the monthly Commander’s Call and prepare the required Aerospace Education Activity Report and Aerospace Education Plan of Action.

I)          Monitoring of Cadet AE Program

                   The goal is to discuss the progress of the cadets in the Aerospace Education Program during squadron visits.  Assistance to the squadrons will be provided as requested by the AEO and/or the Squadron Commander.

J)         Brewer Awards

                   Nominations for the Brewer Award are due to Middle East Region (MER) no later than 15 February. Several squadron Aerospace Education Plan of Action reports indicate that they will prepare a nomination for the Brewer Award.  The goal is to discuss the Brewer Award nomination procedure with the squadron AEOs during the squadron visits.

III.        External

A)        Aerospace Education Workshops

                   The Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) is very active in this state with school teachers. The goal is to identify Aerospace Education events and provide the information to the squadron AEOs.

B)        Contact with Other Groups

                   Several organizations promote and present topics concerning Aerospace Education.  These organizations include the Air Force Association, DASEF, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts.  The goal is to make contact with a representative from each organization and invite them to participate in the Aerospace Education Activity Day this year. 

C)        Coordination with Public Affairs

                   Squadron members can write up and submit cadet Aerospace Education activities to CAP magazine the Volunteer. The Wing Public Affairs Officer (PAO) will be kept informed of Aerospace Education activities through the monthly Wing Commander’s Call meeting.  The goal is for at least one submission to the CAP magazine following the Aerospace Education Activity Day.  

D)        Other Awards

                   Several organizations recognize CAP cadets and senior members. These organizations include the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame and the Air Force Association.  Nominations for these awards are primarily solicited through the squadron commanders. They are also requested from Wing Staff at the appropriate time of year.  The goal is provide the information to the squadron AEOs and encourage at least one nomination.

E)        Ongoing AE Activities   

There is an ongoing relationship with DAEF and other organizations that generate additional AE activities.  The goal is for the DAE to support these events and communicate the information about the events to the squadron AEOs.                                            

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