Emergency Services

Most CAP operations qualifications require at least a couple of Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) training which also requires passing a written test. MOST of the CAP-required ICS/NIMS courses are available online from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training website http://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.asp?page=all

All of the classes are also available in a classroom setting from the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) Their training calendar is available athttp://dema.delaware.gov/services/calendar/Trng_Cal.shtml

Two of the classes are ONLY available in a classroom setting and they are only offered once or twice a year in Delaware so please plan out your ICS/NIMS training accordingly!

Note: If you wish to start training in a specialty, print the appropriate SQTR for your chosen operations Qualification, take it to your unit commander and have him/her sign the top section saying that you have completed the pre-requisites and enter his/her approval electronically on your SQTR on eServices. Then make a copy of the form and have it placed in the Emergency Services file (CAPF 114) maintained for you by the squadron to document that you are allowed to train in that qualification/skill. Follow this same process when you complete the Familiarization and Preparatory Training section. When you have completed all the tasks and it has been signed by your evaluator and your squadron commander a copy of the SQTR should be placed in your squadron file and your unit ES Officer or Commander should enter it into your OPS-Quals on eServices for approval by the Wing director of Emergency Services. Once that whole process is completed, it will show up in your operations qualifications and you can print off a current CAPF 101 (your "101 Card") showing you are qualified in that skill. For all initial SQTRs and renewals for wing staff a copy the Signed SQTR must be submitted to the Wing Emergency Services Director for review and e-Services approval.

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