In the Delaware Wing, Information Technology was under the Communications Directorate and renamed Advanced Technology. The two shared a Director for several months but then we split them apart again under the new commander. We still work closely with Communications since a lot of Information Technology is inseparable from Communications.

Civil Air Patrol IT is covered under CAPR 120-1.  Units desiring to create a web presence of any kind need to consult this regulation as well as fill out an Internet Operations form for each type of Operation they wish to create. Options are Website, FTP server, Chatroom (Blog), Email, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google Account, Linked-In, Pinterest, Vine, and Online File Hosting. The Internet Operations form page is located on eServices under Information Technology Applications.

Units not complying with these Internet Operations regulations risk various sanctions as prescribed in CAPR 120-1.

After submitting the Internet Operations form, it will be reviewed by the Director and Assistant Director of IT as appointed by the Wing Commander for compliance. If no changes are required, it will be approved. If changes are required, you will be notified and once they are completed, it will be approved. 

IT Directorate Staff

Capt Nik Twyford
website, email, end user support
Web Security Administrator

  Assistant Director
Lt Col Alex Bodnar
Assistant Director
Capt Sean McClanahan
Website Administration
Web based Services 

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