DEWg Calendar Policies 

Each member in good standing of the Delaware Wing is entitled to a Wing account on Google Apps for Education. This account includes Email, calendaring, and file storage/sharing capabilities among other free services. Membership suspension will result in your account being suspended as well. The account will continue to collect messages but you will no longer be able to access any of the services. Membership termination will result in account termination without notice and any files considered critical to the operation of the Wing may be transferred to someone else for safe-keeping. (This mainly refers to those with duty assignments.) Files considered personal in nature will be deleted. Members transferring to other wings will also have their accounts terminated unless notice of intention to return to DEWg is given to the IT department.

There are different levels of access for calendars. The default level of access for MOST wing calendars is public, meaning they are view-able by the general public and all events are view-able. This level is required for squadrons that have cadet members since any event involving cadets must be posted on a calendar that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the cadets can view to verify that it is a legitimate CAP or Squadron event. 

CAPR 52-10 section 2-3 b states: Notification of Activities. Whenever reasonably possible, cadet activities will be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and announced on a web-based unit calendar that enables cadets’ parents to verify that a purported event is indeed an official activity. In the rare instance that a short-notice activity arises, the unit commander or project officer will notify parents of the event at the earliest opportunity.

The wing website now has embedded calendars for each unit within the Delaware Wing, both headquarters and one for each individual squadron to satisfy the notification of activities requirement of CAPR 52-10. This set of calendars is view-able by the general public without setting anything up or entering any calendar addresses. This is especially useful for parents of cadets who do not use Google Calendars and are unfamiliar with importing them.  

Setting up your personal calendar

You need to set up the personal calendar that comes with your DEWg account. You will add other calendars you wish to be able to view from there. Think of your personal calendar as a stepping-off point and you can use it this way even if you do not enter a single entry (event) on your personal calendar. 

Log onto your wing account as usual by pointing your browser to 

Enter your username ( (NOTE: Aliases will not work for login purposes. You MUST use your real account username.) 

Enter your password

If this is the first time you have logged on, please accept it and set up your security and recovery options as you see fit. You will only get that routine once. Thereafter it will take you directly to your personal dashboard. 

Once at your dashboard, look near the upper right corner of the page and locate the little matrix of nine dots. This is your jumping off point to all your Google services available to your account, one of which is "Calendar". Click the word Calendar and your personal calendar will open. 

The left column is your control panel. You can click create to insert events in your calendar (or others if you have write access to them) and this is where you add other calendars to be able to view them on yours.

Adding other calendars to your personal calendar

Note: The list of DEWg calendar addresses will follow at the bottom of this tutorial.

To add a calendar:

1. Locate the heading "Other Calendars" in that left column 
2. Expand the selection by clicking the drop-down arrow if it is not expanded already. 
3. Click "Add by URL"
4. Copy the calendar address you wish to add from the list below
5. Paste the address in the URL window that will open up
6. If the calendar list is expanded, you should now see the calendar you just added on your list and any events on it embedded within your calendar. 

Repeat the above steps for each wing calendar you wish to be able to view. 
You can control which ones you see at any time by clicking on the name of the calendar in the list. 
You can customize the color of each calendar (and its events) as well as several other parameters by clicking the drop-down arrow next to that account and selecting your desired color for that calendar from the color matrix that will appear. The current color will have a check mark in it.

Wing Calendar Addresses:

Delaware Wing Activities

Subordinate Unit Calendars on

Other Wing calendars 
(some have restricted access, not available to the public or members outside the intended group)

DelDOT Flights

DEWg O-Flights

Brandywine Cadet Squadron (DE-004)

Dover Senior Squadron (DE-006)

Eagle Cadet Squadron (DE-007)

Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron (DANG) (DE-008)

Fred T Johnson Memorial Cadet Flight (DE-015)

Coastal Patrol Base 2 Memorial Composite Squadron (DE-019)

North Chesapeake Cadet Squadron (DE-020)

New Castle Senior Squadron (DE-022)

Middletown Cadet Squadron (DE-025)

Errors and omissions should be reported to the Delaware Wing webmaster,

Custom access to all calendars is available, but must be approved by the calendar's administrator and submitted through the webmaster, who will check with that administrator and either grant the request or inform you it is denied.

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