Setting up and using your Delaware Wing Email address/account and website administration 

Delaware wing has dropped our old web hosting service and its embedded email list system in favor of Google Apps for Education. The Internet has been re-routed to the new website at either or  . Typing in will automatically redirect to  If you see two pictures at the top, with the three missions in the center, you have arrived at the new website.

Google Apps for Education is a very powerful system offering web hosting, group calendaring, and Email service as well as groups distribution and many other features that could be added.

We are asking everyone to get a “Wing” Email address. Most Senior Members have been set up but Cadets are more than welcome to fill out the registration form to request a “username”" account to take maximum advantage of the system’s features.  The form for requesting an account is accessed by clicking here.

The specialized lists have all been set up in advance based on member qualifications but the info list has not and WILL not be migrated. Anyone wishing to be added to the info list must request their addition by filling out the wing email list request form. 


There is a new one address log in option for accessing all of your Google accounts. Go to

If you have been there before, you will see the log in screen for the last account you used or it will take you right to your dashboard. This is your jumping-off point for all services you get from Google, whether it is your Gmail account, or your Delaware Wing account which includes Email and MUCH more. If you have never been to this site before, or you are logged out of all of your accounts, you will see a box to enter your email address and password to log into it. Once you are in on one of your accounts (if you have more than one) you can add all of your other Google accounts by clicking your email address in the upper right corner of the page and then clicking the "Add account" box. Here you can add any other Gmail or Google Apps accounts you use for a one place launch. Once you have added all of your accounts, just click the account address and it will take you to a log-in page with the address pre-inserted.This allows you to use all of the Google Apps services from one login place, such as the calendar, Google Drive Email You contact list and all the other free services we get with our package. To access all of these services, click the little matrix with nine dots next to your user-name at the top and a menu will come up. Not all of you have access to all of the services but you have access to most of them with your Wing account.

If you do not remember your password, submit a trouble ticket and we will reset it for you.

If you are ONLY interested in Email, you can set up your Wing email in any IMAP email client but you will not have the advantage of the Wing contact list or other services this way:

Setting up your Wing email using an IMAP client on your computer (Outlook/Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird) or Smart phone.

Server addresses for email using IMAP clients are:

Incoming Server name:

Port 993

User Name: (you must use your entire Wing email address in this field)

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal Password

Outgoing Server Name:

Port: 465

User Name: again your full wing email address)

Connection Security: SSL/TLS 


Mobile Setup (Smart-phone)

If you have an android phone, the integration is really easy. Use the embedded Gmail application and you can set up as many Gmail and Google apps accounts as you want and switch among them by tapping the top section. You can also use K-9 mail or AquaMail as well and set up numerous accounts on Google, Google Apps and any other POP 3 or IMAP account, each with its own inbox and complete list of account settings. 

Web Page Administration Access [Web content Administrators only]

  1. Go to Google One Account by going to
  2. Enter your wing email address in the "Email" box
  3. Enter your password in the "Password" box
  4. Click the Matrix described above 
  5. Locate "Sites" and click on it.
  6. Select the website you want to edit (may only have one unless you create backups)
  7. Locate the page you want to edit in the navigation pane on the left (may have to expand some of the headings to find what you are looking for) and click on it
  8. Click the pencil icon at the top of the page
  9. Make your desired changes
  10. Click the Save button at the top of the page

If, for some reason, you absolutely need to set your access up on a POP 3 server, please submit a trouble ticket and we will set your account up for POP 3 access but the default is IMAP when using email clients.

EMAIL Signature Blocks

There are numerous ways to comply with the requirement to use a unified Email signature block. Some work well and some are a disaster. Basically if your email client does not allow you to use an HTML based signature, you are better off not trying to send the hyperlinked graphics at all. Many clients send the graphics attached to the email so the receiver can put them back where they belong but this is a tremendous waste of bandwidth and server space. If you have limitations on either space or bandwidth, this could be a serious concern such as with cell phones. 

As information is received, we will post it here. Unless otherwise noted, these instructions have NOT been verified by DEWg/IT. 

Windows Live Mail

If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket to the AT help desk.



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