Disclaimer: this was submitted by a member and has not be verified by DEWg IT. 

1.  Create a folder in your Documents folder, and name it “Signature” or some such helpful name.
2.  Copy this email and delete everything except for the signature block at the bottom.  Edit the information by inserting your name, phone, email etc. but leave the images in place.
3.  Now you should have an EMPTY email with no “To”, “From”, subject line etc.  Just your edited signature block.  Use the “Save as File” function (dropdown arrow at the top left of WLM, or F12) and save this email as a HTML file.  Give it a suitable name, but remember it must be HTML format.
4.  Now go to the main WLM page (not the email you were just editing) and from the drop-down arrow at top left corner, select Options | Mail, then click on the tab “Signatures”.  Create a new signature by clicking the appropriate buttons, but choose File instead of Text at the bottom and browse to your new folder “Signature”, and the actual .html file which you have just saved in it.
ok, now this will create for you a signature whenever you click the Insert | Signature icons.  Alternatively, you could have checked the box “Add signatures to all outgoing messages”, but you may not want to do that for personal messages.  However, it will NOT generate the images in the signature, it will only leave little black squares instead of the images.  So the rest of this instruction set is to add the images in the proper places.
1.  You must now copy the 5 images from the signature block onto your directory.  You could copy and paste them from the email to your Signature folder, or to make it easier for you, you can just download the images from my DropBox file which is here   https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i9cxb8hlx66cszz/AAAttRmDQCSmF1rawamFx00za?dl=0  and put them into your Signature folder.
2.  Now for the tricky part.  You need to change the html code so that the signature file you saved points to these images instead of the default “black box” images.  This is described pretty well in this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr5erWvuu20
3.  You can use Notepad, or I downloaded the free Notepad++ which makes the formatting a bit easier.   Below are the modifications which I made that cause the pictures to appear.  You will put in the correct path and image titles for where you put your images.
Change the scr= line here:

then add the four scr= lines here:

Save the file, and it will display the full signature with all the hyperlinks still intact when you click Insert | Signature.

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