Communications is involved with nearly every major event and exercise in Delaware Wing.  Listed below are some of the bigger events in which the communications staff has been involved, along with upcoming events that are being planned.


Delaware Wing holds weekly VHF nets on the R-62 (Kent) repeater, beginning at 1930L on Thursday evenings.  If there are operators on the net able to reach the other two wing repeaters, the net will be called on the R-09 (New Castle) and R-37 (Sussex) repeaters as well.  DEWg also assists MDWg by calling a net on the Salisbury (R-46) repeater on Thursday evenings at the conclusion of the DEWg VHF nets (provided an operator is available that can reach the R-46 repeater).

All communicators are encouraged to participate.


DEWg holds events twice each month that provide the opportunity to complete the tasks necessary to obtain a qualification as a Mission Radio Operator (MRO) or a Communications Unit Leader (CUL).

On the first Saturday of every month, a training session is held at the Sussex County EOC (across the street from the Georgetown/Delaware Coastal Airport) from 0900-1500.  Tasks related to both MRO and CUL can be signed off during these training sessions, provided the required trainers are available.

On the third Saturday of each month, DEWg holds a monthly SAREX.  These are "real world" scenarios designed to test our ability to provide services to our customers upon request.  Communications plays a vital role in the successful completion of any exercise or event, so participation in a SAREX is an excellent way to test your skills and pick up training.

For more information on the communications aspect of either of these two events, contact your squadron Communications Officer or any member of the Wing communications staff.


Constant Watch 16 will be held from 28 APR 17 through 30 APR 17.  No additional planning or guidance has been released by NHQ at this time.

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