The release of ICUT represents a dramatic change in the way personnel are authorized to operate CAP radios.   Please review the following FAQ to help you understand the changes:


1. Are the old ACUT and BCUT certifications still valid?

NO.  All ACUT and BCUT holders are required to re-qualify under the ICUT system before then.  CAPR 100-1 has been changed to allow anyone interested in obtaining or upgrading an ES qualification to use their existing BCUT or ACUT as required on the SQTR until they expire on 30 Sep 2015.

 2. I need ICUT.  What do I do?

1. Take and pass all three modules: OP1, T1, and OP2. 

2. Be evaluated in required skills by a qualified evaluator within 180 days of course completion.

3. The Evaluator must enter this into the new OPS QUALS "Communications" ICUT section: 

 3. Who can act as an evaluator?

Per CAPR 100-1, any eServices-listed Communications Staff Member (Unit, Group, Wing, etc) who has passed ICUT and holds SET can act as an evaluator.

Delaware Wing has created a policy more stringent than what is posted in CAPR 100-1:

Any eServices-listed Communications Staff Member (Unit, Group, Wing, etc) who has passed ICUT, holds an SET, and is approved by the Wing Director of Communications can act as an evaluator. 

The ICUT Evaluator's Guide can be found at the National Comms Page ( on the Download Page that is visible once you login.

4. How do I find the ICUT training courses?

ICUT training is included in the new Learning Management System (LMS) introduced by NHQ.   Simply log in to eServices, and click on the LMS on the left hand menu: 

Once you have entered LMS, choose ICUT from the Communications section.

You will then be presented with the videos and quizzes for each module.  

If you have any questions about ICUT, please refer them to your unit Communications Officer or Wing Director of Communications. 

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