DEWG Operations Team

Welcome to the Delaware Wing Operations Team Web Space.  Below is a list of team members with links to several areas managed with in Operations.
  • DCS Operations / A3-DO:  Capt Sean McClanahan, CAP
    • Chief, Air Operations / A3O-DOA: Capt Steve Cannon, CAP
      • Aircraft Maintenance Officer / A3M-DOAM: 1st Lt Peter VanderKley, CAP
      • Stan/Eval Officer / A3V-DOAV: Maj Duane Conrad, CAP
      • O-Flight Program Officer / A3T-DOAO: Capt Stefan Keller
    • Chief, Special Missions / A3X-DOX: Maj Bill Manley, CAP
      • Interagency Programs Officer / A3L-DOXI: Maj JJ Farnan, CAP
      • Technical Programs Officer / A3P-DOXT: Maj Dave Morrow, CAP
      • Drug Interdiction Officer / A3J-DOXC: Capt John Judy
    • Chief, Emergency Services / A3E-DOS: Lt Col Brian Schmidt
      • Air ES & Training Officer / A3C-DOSC: Maj Duane Conrad
      • Ground ES & Training Officer / A3D-DOSD: Maj JJ Farnan
      • ICS Staff ES & Training/Plans Officer / A3X-DOSX: Lt Col Justin Carisio
    • Chief, CISM / A3I-DOI: Maj Bob Lippman


For information on the aircraft operated by Delaware Wing, click on this link to go to our "Wing Aircraft" page.

Members of Delaware Wing can find our Operations Training Documents here.  NOTE:  You must be signed in with your DEWg email address and password to access the Operations Training Documents.  If you do not have a DEWg email address, follow the link toward the bottom left that reads "DEWg Email account application."

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