DEWG Operations Team

Welcome to the Delaware Wing Operations Team Web Space.  Below is a list of team members with links to several areas managed with in Operations.
  • DCS Operations / A3-DO:  1st Lt Sean McClanahan, CAP
    • Chief, Air Operations / A3O-DOA: Capt Steve Cannon, CAP
      • Aircraft Maintenance Officer / A3M-DOAM: 1st Lt Peter VanderKley, CAP
      • Stan/Eval Officer / A3V-DOAV: Maj Duane Conrad, CAP
      • O-Flight Program Officer / A3T-DOAO: Capt Stefan Keller
    • Chief, Special Missions / A3X-DOX: Maj Bill Manley, CAP
      • Interagency Programs Officer / A3L-DOXI: Capt JJ Farnan, CAP
      • Technical Programs Officer / A3P-DOXT: Capt Dave Morrow, CAP
      • Drug Interdiction Officer / A3J-DOXC: Capt John Judy
    • Chief, Emergency Services / A3E-DOS: Lt Col Brian Schmidt
      • Air ES & Training Officer / A3C-DOSC: Vacant
      • Ground ES & Training Officer / A3D-DOSD: Vacant
      • ICS Staff ES & Training/Plans Officer / A3X-DOSX: Lt Col Carisio
    • Chief, CISM / A3I-DOI: Vacant

 Maintenance- Looking for a Pilot to fly N111F to Mx. Stan Eval
 SAR Flight Operations    
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