Delaware Wing Stan/Eval Program

Standardization and Evaluation (Stan/Eval)

CAP flight management is achieved through a safe, effective, efficient, and standardized guidance to those who fly for CAP. All pilots must complete a CAP Form 5 check ride annually to demonstrate ability and proficiency in accordance with specific criteria developed to emulate the requirements of an FAA biennial flight review.  Flight operations in CAP include operational risk management (ORM) techniques as well as defined regulations and limitations, all of which are either equal to or more restrictive than FAA regulations. 

Delaware Wing's Stan/Eval Program is comprised of the following officers:

  • Director of Stan/Eval:  Maj Duane Conrad, CAP 
  • F5 Check Pilot:  Maj Denver Bartee, CAP
  • F5 Check Pilot:  Capt Fred Herman, CAP
  • F5 Check Pilot:  Capt John Judy, CAP
  • F5/F91 Check Pilot:  Capt Joe McKenna, CAP
  • F5 Check Pilot:  Col Mike Moyer, CAP
  • F91 Check Pilot:  Maj Gordon Robertson, CAP
  • F5/F91 Check Pilot:  Lt Col Ray Stone, CAP

The following material will assist you in preparing for your Form 5 and/or Form 91 check ride (you must be signed in with your e-mail account to access these documents):

You can find more information about the Civil Air Patrol Stan/Eval program on the main CAP Stan/Eval website.

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