*Professional Development Reference Library
 The PD Library is available for all CAP members with the purpose of encouraging self-motivated progression in the Senior Member Professional Development Program. Here, you have EASY access to the Forms, Publications and Regulations that directly relate to PD. This Library complies with the PD regulations PLUS includes other documents that will be useful through your advancement in CAP.
CAP Manuals and Regulations

CAPR 39-3 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates

CAPR 50-4 Test Administration and Security

Specialty Track Guides                            Miscellaneous Resources

CAPP 200 Personnel                                                                                                Senior Member Welcome Booklet

CAPP 201 Public Affairs Officer                                                                             FEMA Independent Study Program

CAPP 202 Financial Management                                                                         Air University Catalog (AU A4/6)

CAPP 203 Inspector General                                                                  FAA Best Practices for Mentoring in Flight Instruction

CAPP 204 Professional Development Officer

CAPP 205 Administration

CAPP 206 Logistics Officer

CAPP 211 Operations Officer

CAPP 212 Standardization/Evaluation Officer                                                                    FORMS

CAPP 213 Emergency Services Officer                                                      CAPF 12 Application for Senior Membership

CAPP 214 Communications Officer                                                      CAPF 17 Application for Senior Member Activities

CAPP 215 Aerospace Education Officer                                        CAPF 24 Application for SM Professional Development Awards

CAPP 216 Cadet Program Officer                                                                    CAPF 45 Senior Member Master Record

CAPP 217 Safety Officer                                                                              

CAPP 221 Chaplain

CAPP 222 Command Specialty Training

CAPP 223 Historian

CAPP 225 Moral Leadership

CAPP 226 Recruiting and Retention Officer

CAPP 227 Information Technolgy Officer

CAPP 228 Drug Demand Reduction

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